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Development of Homecare and Social support for immobile members of Ortabatumi community. 10.2011-12.2012 (financed by Bread for the World ).

The GENESIS Association as a partner of the Home-care Coalition of NGOs in Georgia accomplishes the Home-care project in the Ortabatumi district of Adjara.

The goal of the project is to deliver a full range of regular homecare services to the handicapped, elderly, disabled and socially marginalized households in the Ortabatumi district of Adjara who cannot access Primary Healthcare services provided by the State or by the GENESIS Primary Healthcare Centre in Ortabatumi for several reasons, primarily lack of paying capacity, but also including their personal immobility and the inaccessibility of this high-mountain area.. Now a total number of direct beneficiaries of home-care services is 20.

The support is delivered to the households by a mobile group of home-care nurses, who have been trained under GENESIS’ auspices to deliver a homecare service package that includes: basic care, nursing care, doctor's consultation(s), provision of medical consumable and medicines, training of patients and household members in minor rehabilitation skills and social/communal support. The project works in high mountainous area and aims to evaluate the costs of Home-care services for its promotion to the attention of the State funding agencies, Insurance companies, Local Authorities.

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