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The Akhalgori Orphanage, Georgia


The Akhalgori Orphanage located in the Akhalgori village. It has been functioning since 1932. In 1988 the Orphanage has moved into a new building proposed for 100 children. Currently 75 children, without parents or missing parents care live in the orphanage.

The repair works had not been conducted in the orphanage since 1988, until 1998, when by initiative of Mrs. Iris Bieder (Swiss citizen) part of the reconstruction of the building was conducted. The orphanage has problems with the furniture, the bedding, the clothing and the footwear for children, because of lack of financing.

The sum allocated by the State for one orphan composes only 1.8 Georgian Laris (about 0.85 USD) for 3 meals per day. Additionally the orphanage receives some flour and oil for free form WFP Georgia office.

The State gives 8.00 Geoagiran Laris to the orphanage per child per month for clothing, footwear and linen, and only 1.3 Georgian Laris for medicines. The sum given for the office supplies and maintenance works is also very small.

The orphanage tries to solve all the above mentioned problems mainly based on the received humanitarian and charity assistance. With the kind assistance of the private donors - Ms. Iris and Mr. Peter Bieder (Switzerland) and Danish humanitarian organization "Caritas" the orphanage has water supply - children have bathrooms with showers, toilets, and laundry.

In March 2002 representatives of the LIONS Clubs from Basel and Spiez have donated to the Orphanage warm winter boots and clothes

There is the wood handicraft class in the orphanage, were children learn Georgian ornamental design. The girls choir has been organized at the orphanage. The orphans have the praying room were church service is conducted every Friday.

The orphanage has an adjacent orchard (the peace of land of 0.7 hectare), where the children grow vegetables. It would be desirable for the orphanage to run its' own small milk and honey producing farm, especially because of suitable conditions and climate. This would be very helpful for developing working skills of the orphans, and the quality of their nutrition.

Olia Mtsituri,
Director of The Akhalgori Orphanage
mob.tel: +995 99 913345

If you want to assist the orphans, please contact us.

The Akhalgori Orphanage

large photo Classroom of the Akhalgiri Orphanage

Kitchen of the Akhalgiri Orphanage

Dining room of the Akhalgori Orphanage

Workshop of the Akhalgiri Orphanage


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